The American Legion Post 109 is hosting a 1940s Big Band Bash & Dance November 11th from 6-11pm at 624 Ash St in Windsor, Colorado.

"Tuned In to NoCo" spoke with American Legion Post 109 Board Member, John Jones, about the event. Jones says they are so excited to bring this bash to Windsor and they want everyone to come join in the fun.

"There will be alcohol there, there's a dance. We have Don Elwood and the Big Band coming. We have the American Bombshells Patriotic Services — There is three ladies who dress up in 1940s uniform garb. They sing with the swing band while we all dance. It's just going to be a really good time."

Jones says they'll also be having a contest where participants will get a chance to win $2,000.

"We are asking all the ladies out there to dress up in the 1940s pinup. There will be a $2,000 prize for the number one pinup girl. It will be $20 to register and then they'll get a chance to win."

The legion is hoping to raise a significant amount of money at this event, and Jones says this money will go towards providing help and assistance to our local veterans.

"We are wanting to raise at least $100,000 and give a portion to local veteran non-profit organizations in our community...We've helped over 50 veterans just this year with finding their benefits, helping them navigate through the VA system, helping them with car payments and helping them with lodging, food — whatever it might be. That's what we are here for."

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here. 

The 1940s Big Band Bash & Dance is presented by The Water Valley Company.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.

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