Overall, Coloradans have donated nearly $10 million to both the Trump and the Biden campaigns in 2020, with two from Fort Collins donating the most for each.

November 3, 2020, is coming up quickly, and with that, the Presidential Election. According to the Coloradoan and the Colorado Sun, the Trump re-election campaign has taken in $5.6 million from Colorado voters, while the Biden campaign has taken in $3.2 million.

What's interesting is how two people who live in Fort Collins are top campaign donors in Colorado for each candidate's campaign fund. And who are our financial heavy-hitters?

It might not come as much of a surprise, but our two big Fort Collins donors are Pat Stryker and Curtis Richardson.

Stryker, well-known for her philanthropy in the Fort Collins area for many years, has donated $400,000 to Vice President Joe Biden's campaign.

Richardson, the CEO of Otterbox, donated $500,000 to the Trump re-election campaign, as well as other national and state GOP concerns.

Get more on the money donated to the campaigns from The Coloradoan HERE.

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