Anyone who has ever stepped inside Rocky Mountain National Park, instantly knows they are in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Whether it is watching an elk herd frolic, witnessing the sun reflect off one of the park's majestic lakes or observing snow-capped peaks, there's an Instagram-worthy photo waiting in just about every direction.

Before the pandemic, the National Park Service said Rocky Mountain National Park was the third-most visited national park with more than 4 million annual visitors — only behind only Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Grand Canyon National Park.

Many talented photographers have shared their Rocky Mountain National Park on Unsplash. Here are some of the best:

25 Photos Showing The Beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was established on January 26, 1915. The park features 77 mountain peaks over 12,000 feet high. Elevations in the park range between 7,860 feet and 14,259 feet

Some parts of Rocky Mountain National Park are under temporary closure to protect nesting raptors: Loch Vale area, Checkerboard Rock, Lightning Rock, Batman Rock, Batman Pinnacle, Sundance, Thunder Buttress, The Parish, The Book, and Twin Owls, and Rock One.

Last summer, Rocky Mountain National Park instituted a time reservation system to protect visitors from the pandemic. That system ended in October and park officials recently said they plan to stay away from that in the 2021 summer.

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