Cats and dogs are commonly adopted from local shelters in northern Colorado, but there are lots of other animals in need of permanent homes too.

The Northern Colorado Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization that works with the community to both conserve and educate, as well as rescue and find homes for reptiles and amphibians.

Here are five northern Colorado reptiles at NCOHS currently available for adoption.



  • Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


    Bumble is a beautiful Carpet Python. Staff believes Bumble (bee) was born on 3/1/11. He's described as a sweet and polite gentlemen, who lived happily in a home for 10 years until his owner suddenly passed away. He enjoys spending his days curled up on branches and going for "strolls" around his enclosure.

  • Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


    Guppy, the adorable Leopard Gecko, is a curious little guy that loves to explore, and is always interested in new things to climb on. He especially loves paper towel tubes! Staff estimates he's close to 3-years-old.

  • Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


    Since Moyo is not much of a people lover, he would prefer a home where he can be admired from afar. Moyo is a Veiled Chameleon, and is very good at blending in with his surroundings. He's also a big fan of munching on crickets and basking in the sun on his favorite branch of leaves.

  • Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


    Puff the Bearded Dragon, is a youngster with a whole life ahead of him. He loves people and is always interested in checking out his surroundings. Staff says Puff has a very healthy appetite, and especially enjoys snacking on salads and roach treats.

  • Northern Colorado Herpetological Society


    Spira is a young, super sweet female Ball Python. She was previously a classroom education animal, so she's very comfortable being handled by humans. While she loves to snuggle, Spira is also looking for a home where she can slither with lots of enrichment, and an enclosure with objects to climb on.