If you wanted to travel to just one city named 'Loveland' other than ours in Colorado, the one in Ohio would be the one to put on the list.

Loveland, Ohio lies about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati, along the Little Miami River. The latest census data shows a population of only about 13,000. It's a small town.

It would be a fun trip, if you had that kind of money, to just pick up and go visit 'The Other Loveland.' Hang out for a few days, see what the 'sister-city' is all about.

Let's take a look at five things to know about 'the other' Loveland.

Loveland, Ohio is Also Named After a Man Named Loveland

Like our own Loveland, named after William Loveland, Loveland, Ohio is named after a James Loveland. Loveland ran the post office and the general store in the village.

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Loveland, Ohio was Once a Busy Railroad Town

Loveland, Ohio used to be a junction for two railroad lines. At one point, they used to see 40 passengers trains every day. The old railorad line is now the popular bike trail.

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Biking and Canoeing are Popular Activitis in Loveland, Ohio

The old railroad line is now a scenic bike trail; and with the Little Miami RIver and O'Bannon Creek in the city, canoeing is easy to get to.

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Loveland, Ohio is the Headquarters for a Fireworks Company

Part of the local economy in Loveland, Ohio, is Rozzi Fireworks, a five-generation fireworks entertainment company.

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Loveland, Ohio has a Castle

Medievealist and WW I Veteran, Harry D. Andrews began working on this European castle named Chateau Larochein the late 1920’s. After he died in 1981, he willed the castle to the local Boy Scouts who oversaw the castle’s completion.

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