Colorado has a fantastic lineup of hospitals that have received a great amount of national attention over the years. 

This aligns with a ranking done by MoneyGeek this year, where they looked to find which states had the best healthcare. Within the ranking, Colorado shoots towards the top, ranking 7th out of all 50 states

However, a different study done by Newsweek found the 10 best hospitals in Colorado, and the best in the state should be no surprise for anyone who keeps up with their annual report.

UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora Named Colorado’s Best Hospital for the 13th Year in a Row

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According to Newsweek, the best hospital in the state of Colorado is the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. It is the 13th time in a row it has received the honor as Colorado’s best in-state hospital. 

It comes in with a total score of 87.18%, which is almost three percentage points higher than second place. 

While they do provide great all-around healthcare in nearly every department, U.S. News also has them nationally ranked as among the best in the country in two categories. In Diabetes & Endocrinology care, they ranked as 26th in the nation. In Pulmonology & Lung Surgery, they’re all the way up at 6th place nationally. 

While it may be no surprise UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital was awarded as the states’ best hospital, there are still many others in the top 10 that also deserve attention.

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