Slam dunk! Batter up! Touchdown! Goal! However you like to say it, this is good news for Colorado sports fans.

A new study from WalletHub has ranked Denver as the eighth-best sports city in the U.S., giving the Mile High City an overall score of 37.75.

But what does that mean? According to WalletHub, it means Denver has a lot of sports fans — and a lot of athletics to accommodate them.

The study judged cities by five different sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey.

Broncos fans put Denver as the 15th best city for football, while Nuggets supporters landed the Mile High City at No. 24 for basketball. Denver's love for the Rockies tied with its affinity for basketball, and Rapids fans got it to 18th place for soccer.

Denver's favorite sport appears to be hockey, with Avalanche and Eagles fans bringing it to sixth place (considering their Stanley Cup win, we're not surprised).

Despite this promising news, the Mile High City's relationship with sports has declined since last year. In 2021, WalletHub ranked Denver as the sixth-best sports city.

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Still, that doesn't mean fans won't be at venues like Ball Arena and Coors Field for years to come. Other Colorado cities made the list, too — the study ranked Colorado Springs at No. 89, Greeley at No. 208, Boulder at No. 233, and Fort Collins at No. 245.

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