Calling all dog lovers! These sweet pups need your help.

Big Bones Canine Rescue is asking for donations to help rescuers give 11 dogs the treatment they so desperately need.

The 11 dogs were found and rescued from an elderly man's house in Konawa, Oklahoma. Each of the pups is covered in flea bites and sores, sunburnt from being kept outside, and no hair due to severely untreated mange.

When the dogs were living at the man's house in Oklahoma, he did not spay or neuter any of them, so two separate litters were added to the original pair of dogs. They were all kept outside and neglected most of their life.

Luckily, after some heroic intervention, all the dogs have been rescued and taken in to be individually cared for by Big Bones Canine Rescue. The video is not able to be embedded in the story, but if you'd like to see the video, you can see it on Big Bones Canine Rescue's facebook.

Although the dogs are safe and finally being tended to, they have a hard road ahead of them that will take significant time and money. Big Bones is asking anyone to donate anything they can spare to help the rescuers fund the recovery journey for these sweet pups.

If you're interested in donating, no contribution is too small. You can donate here or on Venmo @bigbonescaninerescue. You can also visit Big Bones Canine Rescue's website or contribute through PayPal.

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