Just one day after asking the public to report plane debris, the Broomfield Police Department (BPD) has had a change of heart.

According to The Denver Post, the agency has received an overwhelming amount of calls since Saturday (Feb. 20), when parts from a failed United Airlines engine rained down on the city. 

In order to preserve department resources, BPD is asking that residents only report parts that are bigger than a computer monitor, or have relevant text, such as a serial numbers, part numbers or United branding.

Authorities have already turned a substantial amount of the debris over to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and they expect smaller parts to show up for the next few months.

"I'm assuming people are going to continue to find things, as they go out into their yards and work this spring," BPD spokeswoman Rachel Welte told the publication.

Welte also noted that it is not necessary to mark fallen parts, referring to the flags many residents have put up near debris at Broomfield County Commons Park.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, although some suffered significant property damage — and a few young athletes found themselves dodging debris on the soccer field. 

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