Fort Collins does a great job of taking constant measures towards being an environmentally-friendly city. Having a carbon-neutral transportation system as well as city facilities that lead the nation in sustainable design and resource efficiency are just a few of the ways Fort Collins has made greener efforts over the last decade.

There's even an entire department dedicated to environmental services, that focuses on things like recycling and waste diversion, air quality, and climate action in the community.

Recently, Fort Collins unveiled its newest effort of going green - adding an electric street sweeper to the city's fleet of vehicles. The nifty new street sweeper hit the streets of Fort Collins this summer and has been helping to keep the pavement clean ever since. Not only does its use reduce maintenance costs for the city, but the electric vehicle also reduces harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.

According to the city, the electric street sweeper is only the second of its kind in use in the country. The other green machine is part of Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and was added to that fleet in October 2021.

The addition of this electric vehicle gets the city of Fort Collins one step closer to achieving its comprehensive climate action goal.

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