He's one of the biggest names in Hollywood these days, but before his acting career ever took off, Chris Pratt was here in Colorado as a coupon salesman. A good one, too.

Everybody loves the story of how Jason Momoa once lived and worked in Fort Collins, and I think this story ranks right up there, with that. Chris Pratt is one of the coolest, handsomest guys around; to think that he once had a life here in Colorado is great.

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I never watched "Everwood," where Pratt first really got is his start, but I did watch "Parks and Recreation," and he was awesome on that as the loveable goofball Andy. Then, next thing you know, he's the hero in "Jurassic World," and bam - things really took off. Plus, who doesn't love Star Lord, with the 'Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise?

I'm a fan of the "Smartless" podcast, where Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes interview all sorts of celebrities and people of interest. I recently caught the episode where they interview Pratt, where he talked his life before Hollywood.

He graduated high school in Washington state in 1997, and after dropping out of community college he was looking for a job and saw an ad:

Do you like Rock & Roll music? Do you want to make money?"


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Next thing you know, Pratt was selling coupon books door-to-door. Of course, being a good looking guy, it makes sense that he'd succeed at it. He was so good at selling those coupon books that they sent him out to Colorado to set up shop, here. Now, to be honest, he's told that story a lot, and in all the research that I've done, he never mentions where in Colorado he was at.

Though he was a great salesman, Pratt wasn't good at being a manager of other sales people. According to his "Smartless" interview, he put the same ad in the paper; the people that answered the ad were not that great at selling, and Pratt ended up having to move back home to Washington. From there, a friend flew him out to live with him in Hawaii, where he was discovered and began his acting career.


Where do you think they would say was a great location in Colorado, twenty years ago, to send a successful salesperson?

  • Vail?
  • Aurora?
  • Longmont?
  • Fort Collins?
  • Pueblo?

Hopefully, someday, we'll find out which city/town that Pratt called home for a while.

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