A boulder was blocking a lane on a highway outside of Telluride, and this sheriff's officer's tweet about the incident has gotten over six thousand replies 'trolling' them.

The internet does what the internet does. On one hand, there's the local sheriff's office letting folks know that a lane of a highway is blocked. On the other hand, there's everyone making fun of them.

The San Miguel Sheriff's Office posted a tweet on Monday (January 27, 2020) about a boulder blocking a lane of a highway. Maybe their sentence made sense in their heads, but it didn't make any sense when read aloud:

A large boulder the size of a small boulder? Yeah, that makes no sense at all. Then, the internet took off, giving them a hard time about their rock. The tweet garnered over six thousand replies such as:

"Maybe boulders are like icebergs, and we only see the part that sticks out from the highway."

"Thank god you took a picture of it, as I’m apparently not familiar with boulder units of measure."

"Road is closed while emergency crews bring in equipment to break it into larger, smaller boulders."

"please., no hurt boldr. bldor want frend.? be frend withh boledr pls."

"This logical tweet which is completely illogical is absolutely hilarious. Thank you!"

"It would have been less alarming if you had simply said “ Gentle Asteroid “

I think my favorite is:

I would have said it's a medium boulder the size of a larger medium boulder.

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