Colorado is a fantastic state for fishing, with great freshwater options abound. There’s even plenty of stories to be shared about the monsters caught within the state’s own boundaries as well

However, a group of Colorado anglers were looking for bigger fish to fry when they set out to participate in the world’s richest fishing tournament. What they hooked at the other end of the line was an absolute beast of a fish that will make any Coloradan proud. 

Colorado Fishing Team, The Rocky Mountain Hookers, Caught a Gigantic 501 lb Blue Marlin at the Bisbee Black & Blue Fishing Tournament

Facebook // Bisbee's Offshore Fishing Tournaments
Facebook // Bisbee's Offshore Fishing Tournaments

According to the Greeley Tribune, Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Hookers set out late in October to participate in Bisbee’s Black & Blue and Los Cabos Offshore tournaments looking for redemption.

In 2019, angler Trevor Evans hooked a marlin that certainly would have won the tournament. But after just 15 minutes of fighting the beast, the line snapped, all but ruining their chances of winning. 

Four years later, the crew aboard the boat from Evergreen, Colorado hooked a blue marlin that would certainly win them the whole thing. Even though they didn’t catch anything on the first day, just ten minutes after setting out the next morning, Evans hooked something truly monstrous. 

Afterwards, chaos ensued. The 501 lb blue marlin was so big that even though they had just hooked it, the crew knew if they were able to reel it in, they would win the tournament. After over an hour of reeling, Evans was able to haul in the beast. 

What are Bisbee Fishing Tournaments and How Much Did the Rocky Mountain Hookers Win? 

Facebook // Bisbee's Offshore Fishing Tournaments
Facebook // Bisbee's Offshore Fishing Tournaments

Bisbee fishing tournaments are by far some of the richest of their kind, offering anglers with huge cash rewards if they’re able to win. 

They have been taking place in the Los Cabos region of the Baja Peninsula for the past 30 years, with the organization hosting the East Cape Offshore Tournament in July along with both the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament and Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in October.

The Rocky Mountain Hooker’s 501 lb blue marlin gave them a victory in both the Los Cabos Offshore and Black & Blue Tournament, and netted them a grand total cash prize of $3.6 million. After winning, they immediately donated $100,000 of their earnings to Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C., which is an orphanage on the peninsula. 

How Big Can Blue Marlin Get in Size and How Hard Are They to Catch?


The Pacific blue marlin are some of the largest fish in the entire world. In general, female blue marlin grow larger, and typically grow up to 11 feet in length and are usually 200 to 400 lbs. However, female blue marlin can grow to sizes in excess of 14 feet and even weigh up to 1,985 lbs. The largest ever caught was in 1982, and weighed a whopping 1,376 lbs

Not only are these fish huge in size, but they are notoriously difficult to catch. Blue marlin are extremely fast and strong animals, which can mean trying to reel one in could last hours. They are also are relatively picky eaters, which means they strike bait in ways that are truly difficult to predict. 

This makes the achievements of Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Hookers even more impressive, and they are showing the world that people here know a thing or two about reeling in some monster fish.

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