Plenty of people have their go-to spot when it comes to getting a tasty burger. However, many of those are likely to be chained.

Here in Colorado, there are already a ton of burger chains to choose from. You’ve got Culver’s, who have a spot in Fort Collins, a lot of Five Guys, and of course, the new In-N-Out in Loveland.

Sure, these places seem to get all the hype in the world, but what is the best locally-owned burger joint in the state?

Fortunately,, which made a list of the best locally owned and independent fast food restaurants in each state, made a fantastic choice.

Crown Burgers in Denver is Named Colorado’s Best Independent Fast Food Restaurant

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located on South Colorado Boulevard in Denver lies Crown Burgers, which was recently selected as Colorado’s best independent fast food restaurant, and it lives up to the hype.

In their list, notes that they not only serve up some fantastic burgers, but they also have great sandwiches and good breakfasts. They said that even in Denver’s crowded restaurant industry, Crown Burgers has found a niche that can’t be beat.

The restaurant has an old-school atmosphere, and people from all over the state come here to get a taste of what they’re cooking up.

What Food Does Crown Burgers Serve?

Facebook // Crown Burgers Colorado
Facebook // Crown Burgers Colorado

Even though their specialty is burgers, Crown Burgers has quite a diverse menu.

Of course, the easiest starting point is indeed their burgers. Of course, you can get the classics, like a cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, or chili burger. However, their signature and most acclaimed burger is their Royal Burger, which has pastrami on it.

However, they have plenty of fantastic grilled sandwich options as well. You can grab a pastrami sandwich, a patty melt, a chicken filet, and more. You can also grab a chili dog while you at it.

They also have some great deals as well. You can get either a standard grilled cheese or corn dog for just $1.49. Even though these options are not the most filling, you don’t see prices like that much anymore.

Finally, they have quite an extensive breakfast menu as well. You can get their incredible breakfast burrito, and their wide selection of omelets, or get yourself a breakfast sandwich.

What People Are Saying About Crown Burgers in Denver

Google Maps
Google Maps

For one, people love the Royal Burger. According to Michelle Nam Phuong L. on Yelp, not only does she call it, “A true Colorado Gem”, but the burger is to die for.

“I came through the first time and of course, I had to try what they were known for the Royal Burger aka Beef patty with pastrami, absolutely delicious!”

People also seem to love the sides as well. According to Jazzmin L. on Yelp:

“The steak fries are crispy and the onion rings have a cornmeal breading that gives you a great crackly outer layer”

Finally, many people come specifically for breakfast. Francesca Z. says that it is a:

“Low Key amazing breakfast spot!”

Max C. on Yelp also sang its praises:

“Breakfast was the best! Come get it. Lot of regulars that were enjoying the paper and watching the news”

With this many people praising the menu, atmosphere, and even the regulars, it is obvious that Crown Burgers is easily one of if not the best locally-owned fast food spots in Colorado.

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