Kids, uh, cats do the darndest things.

As the owner of a cat myself, I know this to be true. My year-old kitty likes to send me into a panic by getting "lost" in the house. I've found him in the basement rafters, inside of my boxspring, under the couch cushions — you name it.

So, I understand the pain of a Denver family whose cat recently stowed away in their old recliner, which they were donating to a thrift store. Denver7 reports that, unfortunately, the family didn't realize their pet was occupying the chair, and they shipped it off to the Denver Arc Thrift Store with the kitty in tow.

Thankfully, a thrift store employee found the feline and alerted Denver Animal Protection (DAP), who sent an officer over to comfort the cat and scan it for a microchip.

After an unsuccessful attempt by the officer to reach the cat's owners, the kitty's family eventually made their way back to the thrift store, where they got connected with the DAP and reunited with their long-lost pet.

According to 9News, the family was in the middle of moving when the donation debacle occurred and spent hours searching their empty house before it dawned on them to check the thrift store.

Hopefully, the cat, named Montequlla, has learned his lesson and won't be exploring any of the family's new furniture.

As for you, if you're missing a cat, you might want to check your recliners (or your basement rafters...or your boxsprings) first.

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