Like many animals, dogs are very resilient creatures. Even after bad accidents or health scares, lots of dogs eventually find a way to bounce back to their playful selves.

Such as Dexter — the six-year-old Brittany Spaniel from Ouray, Colorado, who survived being hit by a truck several years ago, and has now found a new way to adapt to life.

According to 9News, Dexter escaped from his family's house in 2016, and walked to a nearby park. While at this location, he darted out into the road, and a truck ran over his two front legs.

Following the accident, Dexter underwent multiple surgeries and lots of rehabilitation. The vet amputated one of the Dexter's front legs, and surgically inserted pins into the other.

It was to be expected that Dexter wouldn't return to walking like he used to. However, his owner, Kentee Pasek, never imagined her dog would instead, start to walk like a human. But that's exactly what Dexter did - strolling around town on his two hind legs, turning heads everywhere he goes.

Dexter Dog Ouray/YouTube
Dexter Dog Ouray/YouTube

Everyone around Ouray knows and loves Dexter, but the canine also has a massive online following as well. With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and even more viewers on Tik Tok, Pasek keeps fans updated with new posts almost daily. The dog's creative videos have even been featured on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. Pasek never planned on making Dexter famous. Instead, his internet fame happened rather organically, when a passerby in Ouray posted a video of the dog on Tik Tok, which then quickly went viral.

Through Dexter's story, Pasek hopes to share his perspective and determined attitude with the world, especially during a time when many people are feeling hopeless.

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