There is still plenty of warm weather to have your fair share of epic grilling sessions this summer in Colorado. One way to add an extra layer of flavor to your grilling or smoking is with a quality barbeque sauce.

Glazing ribs and chicken breasts on the smoker or adding a little zing to pulled pork sandwich is how I normally utilize my arsenal of barbeque sauces.

If you open up my refrigerator at home you will see that I love to keep it local. I would say all but one or two barbeque sauces that I possess are all locally made. I have a couple of suggestions on which barbeque sauces you should try before summer is over. These barbeque sauces are proudly made in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Smokin' Butts Barbecue Company - Florissant, CO. 

Matt Sparx

Colorado Smokin' Butts BBQ sauces are a staple in my condiment selection. My personal favorite from this brand is the Pueblo Green Chili. The Colorado Bourbon barbeque sauce is amazing too. One of the sauces that I would love to try but have not found is their Smokin' Pecan. Check out the entire line of Colorado Smokin' Butts BBQ Sauce HERE.

WIld Buff Craft BBQ Sauce - Denver, CO. 

Matt Sparx

Wild Buff Craft BBQ Sauce offers four flavors in its line of sauces. If you are looking for the scorching sting of ghost peppers, the Fire sauce is what you need to try. Tropic is one that I have been most excited to taste. Holding true to its name, the Tropic sauce is infused with pineapples and limes while adding two layers of spice with jalapenos and wasabi. My first test run with the Tropic sauce will be a grilled chicken sandwich topped with swiss cheese, red onion, and pickled jalapenos between a Hawaiian roll bun. See the entire line of Wild Buff Craft BBQ Sauces HERE.

Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce - Aurora, CO. 

Credit: Hot Heaven BBQ Sauce

Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce will compliment anything you put it on. Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce keeps it simple with only two flavors in the line, regular and hot. Our preference at our house will always be the hot option. Find out more about Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce HERE.

Nordy's BBQ& Grill - Loveland, CO. 

Matt Sparx

If you live in Northern Colorado, you know about Nordy's BBQ. However, did you know you can pick up your favorite Nordy's BBQ sauce and take it home with you? Three of Nordy's BBQ sauces that include Jalapeno, Kansas City, and Texas Style come in glass bottles. My personal favorite, Colorado Wildfire, is also available to take home in a quart or pint too. These BBQ sauces can be purchased at Nordy's BBQ in Loveland.

If there are any barbeque sauces made in Colorado that you love and you think I should try, let me know. I am always on the hunt for something unique and flavorful from our wonderful state.

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