It's no secret that Colorado is absolutely gorgeous. Take your pick — from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the rolling Eastern Plains to the southern mesas, our state is (excuse my French) damn good lookin'.

So, you'll understand my shock when a new list asserted that there are four states more beautiful than Colorado. I guess that means we are the fifth-prettiest state, but still.

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According to Thrillist, the Centennial State is less beautiful than Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and *pukes* California.

Utah has Moab, Alaska looks like the North Pole, and Hawaii has gorgeous, clear beaches — I get it. But California? Really?!

Thrillist ranks California as No. 1 because it has "natural beaches set against towering country...[and] San Francisco, a city that owes its aesthetic to cliffside views and curlicues of fog."

Okay, I'll admit, those things are all pretty cool. But you cannot tell me that San Francisco's fog (and the smell of sea lions) is better than Colorado's nearly year-round sunshine.

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Plus, the reason that Colorado didn't rank higher isn't even our fault. Thrillist states: "The only drawback to Colorado is that the eastern third or so feels like Nebraska got a director's cut." We're literally getting dragged because we kind of look like Nebraska. Wow, Nebraska, wow.

I suppose that fifth place is still a decent ranking. Perhaps it is time that we humble ourselves. At least we aren't Kansas, the ugliest state (Thrillist said it, not me).

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