Food recalls affecting specifically Colorado are relatively rare, but recently, a Class I recall has swept the state.

The recall comes from the Scanga Meat Company in Salida, Colorado. They did so after their meat was possibly contaminated with E. coli 0103.

What Products from Scanga Meat Company Were Possibly Contaminated With E. coli 0103?


The USDA’s Department of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) noted that four different products were contaminated with E. coli 0103.

The products were:

  • 6-lb tubes that contained their regular ground beef and have a lot code of 3345.
  • 6-lb tubes that have their X-L ground beef with a lot code of 3345.
  • 1-lb chubs of their meat hamburger with a lot code of 3345.
  • 1-lb trays of their meat ground rounds with a lot code of 3345.

They also shared a document that shows the labels of each possibly affected product for easier identification.

The FSIS noted that it will have an establishment number of “EST.6460”, which you can find inside the USDA mark of inspection.

It should be known that not only were products at the storefront affected, but also ones that were shipped out to restaurants as well.

Overall, a possible 563 pounds of contaminated meat was sold.

How Does E. Coli 0103 Effect You and What to Do if You Have Eaten Contaminated Food


E. coli 0103 is part of what is called the “big six”, which are the six different strains of the bacteria that make up 75% of illnesses in humans. It is often confused with its much more commonly found counterpart, E. coli 0157.

E. coli in general is notorious for causing digestive issues, most commonly violent diarrhea and vomiting. While most people can recover in a week, it is an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous illness.

If you have eaten contaminated food and now have E. coli, there are a couple of things you can do. For one, since you will likely be excreting more and losing a lot of water, you need to drink water and other hydrating fluids and avoid milk or dairy products.

While you’ll most likely be quite sick to the stomach, you’ll still need to eat. Try to avoid high-fiber, highly seasoned, or greasy dishes to name a few. Instead, you need to eat blander foods. It is safe to eat broth, boiled or baked potatoes, cooked cereals like oatmeal, and crackers.

It’s only once symptoms go away that you can go back to eating regular meals.

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