Is it tacky to call ourselves smart? Maybe so, but now we have the evidence to back that statement up.

According to a new study from, Colorado residents are some of the smartest in the U.S.

The website does specialize in sports betting, but it used sources like the U.S. Census Bureau, Scholarship Institute, and more in the report — in other words, we're calling it legit.

So, where does Colorado rank? listed Colorado as the eighth smartest state in the country, giving us an overall "smart score" of 69.4.

This means that Centennial State residents tend to have higher IQs, more college and high school diplomas, and better ACT and SAT scores than residents in other states.

We aren't quite the best, though.

The report noted that residents in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, and Connecticut are all smarter than residents in Colorado.

Locals in Massachusetts took the No. 1 spot, outsmarting everyone by a long shot — the Bay State has a total smart score of 93.9.

Still, things could be worse.

Colorado may not be first in terms of smartness, but at least we don't come in last. gave South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Tennesee, Arizona, and Idaho the lowest smart scores. If you have connections to any of those states, don't worry — we're proud of our ranking, but we aren't putting too much state into it.

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