While I know fencing can be expensive, I was still shocked to find out that a permanent fence planned around the Colorado state Capitol building is now in the works and is budgeted to cost one million dollars. The information was released by The Denver Post about a six-foot wrought-iron fence being installed after the capitol building was vandalized last year during the Black Lives Matter protesting that was going on.

Lawmakers confirmed that the fence was just one of many security measures that will be implemented. Although not all lawmakers are happy about the decision to have a fence around our state capitol because it's not what the building stands for.

Will the Fence Around the Colorado Capitol Building Stop Vandalism?

While lawmakers hope that the fence would deter vandals from targeting the building they don't know that for sure. Just like when we lock our front door at night, we hope no one breaks down the door to cause harm, but a door lock is just a deterrent not actually going to stop anyone.

How Much Did It Cost to Clean Up All the Vandalism at the Colorado State Capitol?

When the vandalism took place during the Black Lives Matter protest the total cost was over one million dollars to get the graffiti removed and the building back to normal. So, while the fence cost seems steep, it seems like it is a necessary cost at this point.

The entire security improvement project will be close to 8 million dollars including adding bulletproof glass, fortified doors, and new security cameras.

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