Where can you go in Colorado when you want to get away from it all? How about mountain towns, gigantic national forests, ghost towns, or a beautiful lake or reservoir?

Colorado is home to hundreds of tiny towns with just a few hundred people, and yet some of those places are some of the coolest to explore. Keep going to see 13 of these places in the Centennial State.

How Many Small Towns are in Colorado?

Did you know Colorado has about 277 towns with a population of under 500 people? That's a ton of tiny towns. Smaller? Colorado is home to about 102 towns with a population of less than 200 according to WorldPopulationReview.com.

Popular Tiny Towns in Colorado

Everybody loves to visit Jimtown. Wait, it's not called that anymore. What about a Colorado town with only 20 residents that once saw 5 different tornados touch town on the same day? Scroll on to see them all including a town of only 8 people famous for throwing great birthday parties for kids.

Tiny Towns with New Names

Like Jimtown, other small Colorado communities have also changed their name a time or two. Have you ever been to Baxter Springs? What about Artesia, Colorado? Many of these mountain communities offer a great view and a chance to enjoy the outdoors during every season. Be sure to open our station app and tell us your favorite tiny Colorado town.

13 Obscure and Tiny Colorado Towns

We're checking out some of Colorado's tiny and obscure towns that are worth a visit. Some of them are historically significant, and others are just fun and weird places to go. If/When the cabin fever sets in, get out of the house and visit one of these towns in Colorado.

MORE: The 25 Smallest Towns in Colorado Have Shockingly Low Populations

Which towns are the smallest in Colorado? Several towns scattered throughout the state are made up of only a few hundred people or less. Let's take a look at who gets the title of Smallest Town in Colorado.

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We're ranking Colorado counties by land area to determine the largest to smallest of all 64 counties in the state. Find out about the land area of each county and how many people live there by scrolling through the photo gallery below to find out which ones are really the biggest.

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