The Black Mountain Fire in Grand County, Colorado was reportedly burning at 400 acres just two days ago (September 2), however, it's not the only wildfire in Colorado. While Black Mountain hasn't grown much in the last few days, according to the Incident Information System there are several other wildfires in Colorado that have grown in size.

For both the Morgan Creek Fire and the Black Mountain fire, the cause of the blaze was lightning. However, crews are optimistic that containment will reach 100% (and for a few of the wildfires below, it already has) due to positive weather conditions, and have therefore decreased the amount of firefighting resources in the area. However, wind gusts are expected this weekend, so we will continue to keep an eye on all wildfires and report on any growth.

To keep you updated on wildfire growth in Colorado, below is a list of all of the active burns in our state right now, and how many acres they have burned so far. Crews want to remind the public that over this labor day weekend, never leave campfires unattended and be aware of dangerous fire conditions.

1. Morgan Creek Fire

Where: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Acreage: 7,509 Acres
Containment: 24%

2. Black Mountain Fire

Acreage: 416 Acres
Containment: 21%

3. Muddy Slide Fire

Where: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Acreage: 4,093 Acres
Containment: 80%

4. Sylvan Fire

Where: Glenwood springs, Colorado
Acreage: 3,792 Acres
Containment: 90%

5. Wild Cow Fire

Where: Garfield County on BLM land
Acreage: 560 Acres
Containment: 100%

6. Oil Springs Fire

Where: Meeker, Colorado
Acreage: 12,613 Acres
Containment: 99%

7. Vosburg Pike

Where: East of Durango, Colorado on BLM land
Acreage: 67 Acres
Containment: 100%

8. Trail Canyon

Where: Ute Mountain Ute Tribal lands, Montezuma County, Colorado
Acreage: 881 Acres
Containment: 90%

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