Coming up on their 21st Aniversary, Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) is a local non-profit based in Fort Collins dedicated to strengthening bonds between adult parental/mentor figures and youths through relationship-based outdoor activities.

Since 2001, this organization helps thousands of people each year and fosters positivity through personal growth by helping people learn to get through tough times. This mission is embodied by CYO Maverick, Nick Baker, who had his life uprooted by Covid and has learned to make the most out of his situation by appreciating what he has.

Baker was on track to work in the world of professional sports right as global cancelation hit in 2020. The massive gut in the market forced thousands of hardworking individuals out of the sports industry or to be held on permanent stand-by. Baker had been training for five years at CSU to go into sports broadcasting and upon graduating didn't have any foreseeable opportunities for a career.

Facing uncertain circumstances and refusing to abandon his passion for sports, Baker shifted his focus to freelance work and started with Colorado Youth Outdoors to cover the Maverick Shoot event. This fundraiser/competition helps CYO create accessible and affordable programs for Northern Colorado. Maverick Shoot involves shooting clay objects in teams.

Baker provided coverage of this event which will soon release as a video on Colorado Youth Outdoors social media. The video release date of the event itself has not been given, but Baker has hinted at other major projects in the works in the minor league baseball world and partnerships with locally owned businesses.

Additionally, Baker would like to state that he feels really fortunate to be able to freelance and is inspired to continue to pursue his passion for sports and media. He would like to give a BIG thank you to KCSU for providing him a platform to develop his skills in media and helping him start his career.

Baker can be reached at

Sign up for 2022 CYO Summer Programs, before spots fill up! Maverick is currently full, but sign-up is still open for Holes and Hops.

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