Like anywhere else, Colorado has plenty of stories of mythical creatures, legends, and other unexplained phenomena. Legends like bigfoot, skinwalkers, and UFO sightings remain intriguing to believers, but one story in the same vein as these is far less known. Keep scrolling to learn about the legend of Colorado's crystal skull.

The Legend of Colorado's Crystal Skull

Our story begins back in 1995 in Colorado's San Luis Valley with a ranch hand by the name of Donna Koch. Koch was riding around on a horse when she came across an oddly-shaped skull that appeared to be made out of crystal.

News of the discovery spread and one group of people, alleged by some to have been a sort of new-age cult, became especially interested in the skull and believed that it came from extraterrestrials. They believed this primarily because the skull was misshapen and, according to some, lopsided.

The group meditated with the skull and claimed to have received communications from otherworldly beings, but the truth about the object would soon make skeptics out of many.

The Truth About Colorado's Crystal Skull

As news spread about the skull and psychics and new-age enthusiasts gathered to see it, a man by the name of Brad Chadez caught wind of the phenomenon and decided that he needed to set the record straight.

In reality, Chadez was a glassblower that worked for Blake Street Glass in Denver and had made numerous skulls for a Day of the Dead celebration in New Mexico. However, one of the skulls came out lopsided, so he decided to give it to his parents.

Chadez' parents owned a piece of land in the San Luis Valley and placed the skull at the corner of the property which bordered the ranch in which the skull was found.

So there you have it, the skull was definitely not from another planet, but the whole thing sure made for a good story.

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