Townsquare Media Northern Colorado has what we call sister stations: 94.3 The X, 99.9 The Point, K99, Power 102.9, and Retro 102.5. So, this got me thinking — does Colorado have a sister state?

SisterCities International defines a sister state as "a long-term partnership between two communities in two countries." In 2017, Colorado failed to pass a bill requiring us to have a sister state; however, we do have one.

Let's investigate.

What is Colorado's sister state?

AMLI Residential reports that Colorado's sister state is the Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. The Consulate-General of Japan in Denver notes the relationship has given Colorado and the Yamagata Prefecture strong economic, cultural, and academic bonds.

A guest commentary from The Denver Post provides more insight into how this sister stateship came to be.

A look at the Yamagata Prefecture in Japan

According to JapanTravel, the Yamagata Prefecture is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and mountains, allowing it to have hot springs and ski slopes like Colorado. It's also a bullet train ride away from Tokyo.


Japan Guide says the area is known for "cherries...rural flair, and natural beauty."

Does Colorado have sister cities too?

The Japan America Society of Colorado explains that Japan has many sister cities in the Centennial State, including in Northern Colorado (Greeley has a relationship with Moriya Town).

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Uncover Colorado reports that Colorado also has sister cities in other countries like Kenya, Mongolia, and more.

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