Possibly inspired by the real-life rescue of Casa Bonita, a recent South Park episode features Eric Cartman saving another iconic Colorado restaurant.

In the episode, Cartman cons money out of Butters to renovate his hotdog stand house (yes, he lives in a hotdog stand) into a restaurant called DikinBaus Hot Dogs (yes, it is what it sounds like), complete with over-the-top attractions.

Help Wanted at DikinBaus Hot Dogs — SOUTH PARK

The Cañon City Daily Record drew the connection between Cartman's fictional escapades and the real-life mission of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to renovate Casa Bonita — Cartman even exclaims that he's "about to reopen a historic landmark that means something to people" in the episode.

The publication reports that DikinBaus Hot Dogs is based on the actual Coney Island Boardwalk hotdog stand in Bailey, but unfortunately, Parker and Stone don't have legitimate plans to fix it up.

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Thankfully, the duo is serious about the future of Casa Bonita, which is finally reopening in May after a three-year hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parker and Stone are allegedly improving the restaurant's infamous cuisine, and they're currently hiring for multiple positions. Over 12,000 people have signed up to attend Casa Bonita's reopening — maybe the success will convince the South Park masterminds to give Coney Island Boardwalk a second look.

Check out the real South Park, Colorado, in the gallery below.

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