Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. Did NASA fake the moon landing? Is Elvis Presley still alive? Are there aliens in Area 51?

Some of these ideas can be fun to think about (others get pretty dark), but most people don't take them seriously. Wikipedia's definition of conspiracy theory even includes the phrase "other explanations are more probable."

Still, others believe these speculations to be true — and Colorado residents are no exception. In fact, new research from BetKansas.com shows that Coloradans believe these conspiracy theories the most:

Denver International Airport is the Headquarters of the New World Order

K W Reinsch // Flickr
K W Reinsch // Flickr

A capstone in Denver International Airport mentions the New World Airport Commission, an organization that, according to VICE, doesn't exist.

Many believe this mysterious institution is actually a cover-up for the rumored New World Order, which the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey defines as secret elitists looking to control the population under a dystopian government.

Denver International Airport has poked fun at the association, calling it "sketchy." Read more about the airport's oddities here.

The U.S. Government Orchestrated the 9/11 Tragedy

Aidan Bartos // Unsplash
Aidan Bartos // Unsplash

Some Colorado residents buy into the belief that al-Qaeda was not responsible for the horrific events on 9/11.

According to BBC News, many think the U.S. government arranged the attacks to "facilitate the establishment of an authoritarian world government."

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) notes the danger of this conspiracy theory, but BetKansas.com reports that it's the most popular one in the U.S.

The Illuminati is a Real Organization

Thought Catalog // Unsplash
Thought Catalog // Unsplash

The Illuminati technically was a real thing, but it no longer exists.

Still, Vox reports that some are under the impression the group is secretly controlling the world today — and that the celebrities are in on it.

According to the publication, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Kanye West are all rumored members of the organization.

The U.S. Government Was Involved in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy Archival Images
Getty Images

According to The Week, many conspiracy theorists assert that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the lone perpetrator in the assassination of JFK.

Instead, they believe he was working with the CIA, who wanted the president dead to prevent him from shutting down the agency.

Other suspects of theorists include the mafia, the KGB, aliens, the Illuminati, and more.

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