Is a new Denver Broncos Stadium coming to Colorado? It's far less likely as the team announced over $100 million in improvements this off-season. What's changing?

Are The Denver Broncos Getting A New Stadium?

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Even though Colorado's Empower Field at Mile High is barely the legal drinking age, people around our state are obsessed with the possibility of a new stadium coming with the new ownership. A new, potentially domed stadium, was undoubtedly a hot topic when the new owners were being vetted and selected. Even though the former  Invesco Field at Mile High has only been around since 2001, it is quickly becoming one of the oldest and most outdated stadiums in the league. Plus, even though the die-hards love freezing their butts off at broncos games, wouldn't a nice heated covered stadium be nice? If you're saying no, you're crazy.

Are The Denver Broncos Getting A Dome Stadium?

A new domed stadium wouldn't just make going to games far more comfortable in freezing Colorado temps, but it would also increase our chances of getting other grand-scale type events. A Super Bowl for example. Maybe even a Wrestlemania? Colorado gets overlooked for those larger-scale national events because our weather is far too unpredictable. A dome would solve all of that mystery and Denver would be on the map for some of these massive live events. Sadly though, that plan doesn't seem to be in the cards...Anytime soon anyway.

Denver Broncos Invest $100 Million In Stadium Upgrades

The Broncos announced that they will be investing more than $100 million in upgrades to the current Empower Field at Mile High. Considering the stadium cost $400 million in 2001, which is roughly $652 million in 2022, you'd think some pretty significant changes are on the horizon, but the changes announced aren't all that exciting considering it's the largest amount of money spent on improvements since it opened in 2001.

What Changes are Coming To Empower Field at Mile High Stadium?

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What's $100 million get you in 2023? Upgraded video boards and technology, including better in-stadium wi-fi (by 2024). Upgraded concessions, premium hospitality areas, team store expansion, and improved elevators. I told you it was fairly underwhelming for the money being spent. The coolest part to me is the expanded south endzone scoreboard which is said to be expanded by 70%. The new board will be 72 feet tall by 225 wide, which is about 31 feet taller than the current board, making it the fourth-largest screen in any NFL stadium.

Photos Of Mile High Stadium Upgrades

You can see the renderings of the coming upgrades here by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Do these upgrades mean the talk of a new stadium is dead? No... But it is far less likely anytime soon. I'll be honest though, I'd prefer a team that can win 10 games over any of these upgrades. So sick of losing, you?

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