This fall, Houska Automotive is hosting its 21st blood drive on Friday, October 28th at the Garth Englund Blood Center in Fort Collins and they want you there! The drive will be held from 7am-1pm and anyone with a valid ID can participate.

Houska Automotive's Vice President, LJ Houska, told "Tuned In to NoCo" that this year they are giving away a free pint at Cooper Smith's Pub and Brewing for every pint of blood they receive, and that's not all! Every participant will also be entered to win a free set of 4 Goodyear tires!

Houska says, for every donation they can potentially save up to three lives, and this year, they are hoping to get the whole community involved.

"The blood bank in town always has times when they are short on blood. So, being stocked up is important, because you never know when an emergency is going to hit. So, I think it's this is a great way for the whole community to look out for each other."

Before making a donation, Houska says, there are a couple of things you should do.

"Bring your photo ID and eat beforehand.  Also, for a faster donation you can go onto our website and register a time to come by and that way they'll be prepared for you."

To register for the blood drive, click here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.

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