Boulder-based rock trio, The Velveteers, recently shared some pretty big news. They'll be playing in select cities alongside Band of Horses and The Black Keys as part of the Dropout Boogie Tour.

Comprised of bandmates Demi DemitroBaby Pottersmith, and Jonny Fig, The Velveteers already have an impressive resume. The band opened for Guns N' Roses back in August and plans to go on tour with Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons in March.

Additionally, the band was featured on the covers of Westword, Bandwagon Magazine, and the 'New Punk Tracks' playlist on Spotify UK & Ireland.

The first time I saw the Velveteers was absolutely incredible. It was at the Holiday Twin Drive-In near Horsetooth in the summer of 2020 when quarantined shows became a thing.

From the front seat of my friend Monty's car 'Kit,' I watched the Velveteers walk out on stage. Before they even played I was completely captivated, although a little caught off guard by how much of a resemblance the vocalist and I shared - it's a running joke in my friend group, but I love it.

The two drummers not only began playing, but they were perfectly synchronized, and they played from a conjoined drum set. Hardcore stuff.

That's when I knew that The Velveteers were definitely one's to watch and were going to perform at bigger and larger shows. Watching them live is an incredible fuzzy rock experience and I highly recommend seeing them perform live if you ever have the chance to.

The Velveteers are currently signed to Easy Eye Sound. Their first full-length album, Nightmare Daydream released on October 8, 2021.

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