The season to give means we're shopping, a lot. Most of it is online, which makes you susceptible to "Porch Pirates" stealing your holiday cheer. Here are some ways to prevent those thefts.

Why do we need to protect ourselves from Porch Pirates?

Not that we didn't shop a lot online before the COVID 19 Pandemic, but since this whole mess began, we've become more reliant on things being delivered right to our homes. It's easy, convenient, and we typically don't have to leave our homes.  Plus, you can get some great deals online, right? The only issue with ordering anything online is that most delivery companies ring the bell, leave your package, and drive away. In some cases, a package you ordered could be sitting on your porch all day, and that is where these "Porch Pirates" come into your world and wreck your day. As seen HERE, Colorado ranks 13th in the nation for porch thefts. Here are some ways to hopefully prevent it at your home.

How can you prevent Porch Pirates?

One would think that simply having a camera, or a Ring Doorbell type or gadget, would discourage these thieves from jacking your goodies. Sadly though, that's not the case in all situations. While local law enforcement could use that footage or additional footage from your neighbor's cameras, there's still a good chance you're gonna be out of luck. Bigger, more prominent security cameras can also be a nice deterrent but still might not be enough.

Can someone be home? That's always the best option, but during work hours, it's not always possible. In that case, it's suggested that you have it dropped off at a neighbors house who is home. Another option is having them shipped to your workplace. Not all, but most packages are delivered during regular business hours so you'd be at work while they arrived.

Amazon Lockers?

There are locker options if you're a frequent online shopper and the investment of a mounted lock-box is worth it. Some online services, including Amazon, have locker locations where you can also have your packages delivered too. Amazon also has a new option where a delivery person can open your garage door and place it inside. I personally, don't think I'm ready for that just yet. Mostly because my garage is always a disaster.

How do you prevent Porch Pirates?

Are there some other ways you've found that can help protect package theft around Northern Colorado that you'd like me to share? Send an email to and we can add it to the list.

You could also try the "glitter bomb"

Maybe the Glitter Bomb as seen above isn't an option for you, but it makes me laugh every single time! Here's to hoping all of your packages arrive safely and you have a wonderful holiday season.

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