Fort Collins made its voice heard at the ballot box.

The Fort Collins City Clerk office released the unofficial results from the April 6 election. Jenni James Arndt won the mayor position, a citywide plastic bag ban won support and the vote determined the old Hughes Stadium site should remain parks and open space.

Official results will be posted on April 16.

Large grocers will soon be prohibited from providing disposable plastic bags after the initiative passed with 58.98% of the vote. Disposable paper bags will still be allowed for a 12-cent fee.

What to do with the former Hughes Stadium site had also been up for debate. The ordinance to keep the land open space and parks passed with 68.61% of the vote. Other proposals had wanted to develop the space into more housing and commercial businesses.


Mayor Wade Troxell's tenure as Fort Collins mayor had hit is term limit this year after leading the position since 2015.

The April 6 election pitted Jenni James Arndt, Gerry Horak and Molly Skold against each other for the mayor position.

Fort Collins 2021 Mayor Race

  • Jeni Arndt - 23,778 (62.72%)
  • Molly Skold - 9,541 (25.17%)
  • Gerry Horak - 4,593 (12.11%)

Here's our profile with Arndt before the election:

Tuned In to NoCo: Meet Fort Collins Mayor Candidate Jeni James Arndt


City Council positions were also determined in the vote.

Fort Collins District 1 City Council

  • Susan Gutowsky - 3,333 (50.26%)
  • Nick Armstrong - 3,299 (49.74%)

Fort Collins District 3 City Council

  • Tricia Canonico - 3,634 (55.08%)
  • Gavin Kaszynski - 2,964 (44.92%)

Fort Collins District 4 City Council

  • Shirley Peel - 2,199 (30.22%)
  • Melanie M. Potyondy - 2,170 (29.82%)
  • Erin Hottenstein - 1,571 (21.59%)
  • Jessica Dyrdahl - 988 (13.58%)
  • Sidna Rachid - 349 (4.8%)

Fort Collins District 5 City Council

  • Kelly Ohlson - 3,193 (67.48%)
  • Jeff Hansen - 1,539 (32.52%)

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