Poudre Fire Authority recently shared a feel-good story, involving one of their compassionate team members and an adorable animal that was rescued on scene at an incident in Fort Collins.

Several months ago, a fire burned down a Fort Collins resident's chicken coop and then extended into their garage. As a result of the fire, the chickens were left without a home and the owners were unable to continue caring for them.

In addition to looking into what caused the structure fire, PFA Investigator Nancy stepped in to rescue the birds who were left homeless by the blaze. Besides being an overall animal-lover, Nancy was already a keeper of chickens and was happy to have a few others join her flock.

One of the black silky chickens was badly burned from the fire and required daily medical attention. According to PFA, the chicken had charred wingtips and had also lost her head plumage.

Nancy spent months nursing the injured bird, which she lovingly named Crispy McNugget, back to health. The caring PFA investigator provided an update to Crispy's condition last week, happily stating that the chicken has made a full recovery at her new home and is even laying eggs daily now.

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