In 2021, Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) warned residents about the dangers of romance scams after a local woman fell victim.

At the time, officers revealed that a scammer had used social media to seduce an elderly Fort Collins woman and steal $20,000 from her.

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Thankfully, FCPS was able to return her money — but these scams haven't gone away.

In a recent Facebook post, FCPS once again highlighted the prevalence of online romance scams, revealing that swindlers are on the hunt for vulnerable victims.

"They're devious, go to great lengths to convince victims, and will carry on the relationship for weeks or months at a time," read the post. "They often look for vulnerable victims, like people who have recently lost a spouse. They get to know victims, then use everything they've learned to play the 'perfect partner.'"

The agency noted that criminals begin their scams by developing a romantic virtual relationship with a victim. After the thief feels comfortable with their connection, they'll ask the victim for money.

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So, how do you avoid these scams? FCPS says to remember the following:

  • Let trusted friends and family know when you're starting an online relationship so they can keep an eye on the situation.
  • Don't feel embarrassed about your situation — scammers are convincing.
  • Know that caring people will not guilt you into giving them money.

Find more information from FCPS about common Fort Collins scams here.

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