Vending machines became popular in the late 1800s at railway stations and post offices. These vending machines were dispensing stationary and postcards. Since then vending machines have given self-serve access to many different products like candy, cigarettes, condoms, soap, soda, snacks, and laundry soap.

Well, it's 2023 in Colorado and the vending machine everyone is talking about is dispensing marijuana.



More of these automated kiosks are planned at other Terrapin locations. Terrapin said "the vending machine will help with faster checkouts, allow budtenders to give more consultation to other customers, and can be programmed in multiple languages."

Budtenders are a thing. It's easy for people in the marijuana business to forget that a lot of people have never set foot in a dispensary. If that's you, let me explain that most Colorado dispensaries have a very professional setup with very marijuana-knowledgeable staff members called "budtenders" to help guide you through the process of what you are seeking. Budtenders can assist you in finding a product for your dog, nausea, a girls weekend or desire to focus and everything beyond.


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