Health4Heroes has teamed up with the Fraternal Order of Police Northern Colorado Lodge #3 Benevolent Fund and the Poudre Fire Authority (PFA) Local 1945 to host the first annual 9-1-1 Invitational in Fort Collins.

On August 28 in Rolland Moore Park, the public is invited to compete in a fun-filled day of co-ed tournaments — including softball, basketball, cornhole, CrossFit, and volleyball — all to support Northern Colorado's first responders.

"This is a really good come out and really show up and showcase your support for the first responders in this community," said Nick Dunagan, co-founder and CEO of Health4Heroes, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "By showing up to this event, you're saying: 'I'm here, I'm publicly admitting that I love and support these guys.' I think it's a really great, fun opportunity to be able to do that."

Showing this support is crucial to first responders, who face a plethora of challenges in their day-to-day lives.

"We have the community first in our hearts and in our minds. We go out to serve the public first," said Officer Dexter Rowe with the Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS). "But we also have our own families and our own lives as well that are equally as important to us. We're human too."

Proceeds from the event will benefit Health4Heroes, the PFA Local 1945, and the FOP Lodge #3 Benevolent Fund, so that the organizations can continue to lift first responders up through rehabilitation, mental health services, and more.

"Every dollar that gets donated is going directly back to families and first responders that have hit some rough patches in life," said Alex Shubin, a driver operator with the PFA. "You can be confident that you're spending your money well."

Tickets for the event are on sale now here. On top of sports, the tournament will also feature live music, food trucks, and more.

"Our biggest thing is: show up. Come learn about Health4Heroes. Come learn about the Benevolent Fund. Come hang out with us and we'll go from there," added Allen Bourdon, a driver operator with the PFA. "It's going to be fun and we're hoping this is a big deal and becomes a big deal every year."

Learn more about the 9-1-1 Invitational by listening to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Nick Dunagan, Officer Dexter Rowe, Alex Shubin, and Allen Bourdon below.

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