Fort Collins has a couple of notorious intersections that not only can cause a headache while out on the town but are actually quite dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike.

If you live in town, you certainly have a few that probably get on your nerves. Whether it’s the classic Drake and College intersection or the underrated bad intersection found at W Elizabeth and City Park, there are plenty of sketchy lights in town.

Recently, the city of Fort Collins got a grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards and the Asphalt Art Initiative to improve one of the most notorious intersections in town.

What is the Asphalt Art Initiative and Why Are They Giving Grant Money to Fix Intersections?

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The Asphalt Art Initiative is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies and looks to add art to streets as both a way to help towns embrace art while also serving to make streets safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Recently, they announced that 25 cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be getting grant money to help in three categories: to improve a challenging intersection using curb extensions and other tools, reduce conflicts between drivers and pedestrians along a series of intersections, or to create or enhance a safe pedestrian space.

The Intersection at W Magnolia Street, Canyon Avenue, and S Sherwood Street is Getting a Renovation

Google Maps
Google Maps

It was announced through Bloomberg Philanthropes that Fort Collins has been awarded a $25,000 grant to help improve the intersection found at W Magnolia Street, Canyon Avenue, and S Sherwood Street.

It was part of a list of 10 other cities that were awarded money to fix a challenging intersection by adding curb extensions and other tools. They will also be adding art to the asphalt on the road as a way of notifying drivers they are approaching an intersection.

It should also be noted that the project falls into line with Fort Collins’ Vision Zero plan, which seeks to reduce serious injury and deaths due to traffic-related accidents to zero by the end of 2032.

What About the Intersection at W Magnolia Street, Canyon Avenue, and S Sherwood Street Makes it Difficult?

Google Maps
Google Maps

What makes this intersection interesting is that while it is not by any means a high-traffic area, it is easily one of the most confusing in the city.

For example, if you are driving west on W Magnolia Street, you’ll encounter a five-way stop intersection that is strangely laid out.

You can either keep going straight on W Magnolia, make a left or right onto Canyon Avenue or make an extra wide right onto S Sherwood Street.

S Sherwood Street is truly what makes this situation more complicated since this road ends at this intersection.

While the map provided by Vision Zero does not list this intersection as one that necessarily causes a lot of traffic deaths or serious injury, it certainly is one of the city’s most confusing.

With these changes being added to this intersection, what do you think? Do you think it will be confusing driving here? Do you think a different intersection should have been chosen?

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