RETRO 102.5 has an easy way to let someone know that you care about them, with the our app. You can easily record a :30 greeting, submit that greeting and we could be playing it on the radio this holiday season.

Northern Colorado's Official Radio Home For the Holidays, RETRO 102.5, loves Christmastime and the good/joy it brings out in people. Maybe you want to spread some of that joy? We can help you do that.

TSM/Dave Jensen

How nice would it be to hear yourself wishing someone you love a Merry Christmas this season. Your spouse, your kids, your nice mail carrier, maybe even your pets. It'll give you another reason to have RETRO 102.5 on your radio or smart device; not only all the great holiday favorites, but your greeting as well.


First, get out the RETRO 102.5 app. There, you'll see the Christmas Tree button that says, "Greetings."


Click on that, and it will open our recording feature:


You can type in some comments, if you like, and then hit the red record button. When you're done (no more than :30 of audio,) hit "submit recording" and it will come to us. Once we have your audio, and it's suitable for air, we'll get it on the air.

Here, Kama and Dave demonstrate how it works:

We look forward to hearing from YOU this Holiday Season!

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