There are a ton of different symbols painted on the roads in Colorado and it is hard to understand what they all mean.

Aside from a child's chalk masterpiece, we typically learn the meanings throughout time and establish a visual dictionary for ourselves.

We know it is illegal to cross double lines on the highway, dashed lines by an intersection means it is a crosswalk. You get the point.

However, there is a unique checkerboard paint on streets in Fort Collins. There are four squares in black and white. A message board discussed it and wanted an answer.

Ok, so what are these?
byu/ishjohnson inFortCollins

The paint pattern is unique. Does it have a meaning? Here is your answer.

What the Paint and Design Mean

The paint was not a creative decision and it certainly is not graffiti. There is a purpose for it and why it was painted.

Reddit users pointed out that the paint is used for aerial photography. The photos are used to create maps typically. Have you ever used Google Street View or Google Earth? Aerial footage is captured so we can take an aerial view of Colorado.

The paint could also be a marking point for aerial surveys. Alright, I had to Google that one. Aerial Surveys are basically collecting data for future planning and development.

So, no, somebody is not going around Colorado and painting the sidewalk illegally. No, an epic game of chess is not being paid. And no, the shoe brand Vans is not trying a publicity stunt. It is for more practical reasons.

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