Do you believe in astrology and zodiac signs? I have found that Coloradans are passionate about astrology. They are either extremely into it or have a strong disdain of the idea of it.

Personally, I am indifferent regarding zodiac signs and astrology. If astrology is your thing I won't judge you for it.

I will also not put too much into it because I feel like astrology is vague enough to be relatable for everybody.

I once told a friend that I do not believe in astrology. She asked me if I was a Virgo.

That is my sign... Maybe she was onto something.

Astrology and Colorado: Do You Believe?


Do you believe in astrology? Make sure to send us a message with your thoughts.

According to research by YouGov, one in four Americans believe in some form of astrology. The most common age groups that believe in astrology are adults under 30 years old.

Pinpointing Colorado Cities By Zodiac Signs

I figured it would be fun to identify which city is perfect for each zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has distinct personality differences. Cities in Colorado have a wide array of personalities and attitudes as well.

It is great that each Colorado city has a different vibe and we have options that suit our lifestyle needs.

We asked ChatGPT, a form of artificial intelligence, to perfectly match the zodiac signs and personalities of Colorado cities. Here is the perfect city for you based on your zodiac sign.

Take a look at the results below.

You Should Live in This Colorado City Based on Your Zodiac Sign

According to artificial intelligence, you should live in a specific Colorado city.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

Names Only Coloradans Would Know How to Pronounce

Think you're a true Coloradan? Then you should be able to ace pronouncing these Colorado names.

Towns and places around Colorado take their names from many different languages. Spanish, Native American, Roman, Greek, and more appear in different place names, but that doesn't mean Coloradans follow the correct pronunciation.
Here are 8 that truly stump out-of-towners.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray