Finding the perfect Colorado city and town to call home is a tall order. We all have different preferences and lifestyle needs. Some of us prefer city life, while others prefer to live in rural areas.

One thing that all Coloradans can agree on is that we want our home city to be well-ran. That means we want our cities and towns to be well-maintained, reliable, safe, and livable.

Every city has problems. There is no perfect city to call home in Colorado or anywhere in America. Some cities are closer to perfect to other cities. Just two Colorado cities ranked in the top 100 on WalletHub's Best- & Worst-Run Cities in America for 2024.

Here are the cities that were mentioned.

Aurora Ranked In the Top 100


Aurora was ranked the 69th best well-run city in America. Aurora ranked significantly high in the total budget per capita ranking.

This means that the city of Aurora is very efficient and wise about how it spends money based on the population of the city.

The city does not overspend and they are able to spend within their means so that every resident benefits.

Colorado Springs Dominates All Colorado Cities and Towns

Colorado Springs

The Springs was ranked the best-ran city in Colorado and the 46th best in the nation. I honestly find it hard to believe that only one Colorado city made it into the top 100. As a Northern Colorado resident, I am surprised that no cities from NoCo made it on the list at all.

A high ranking in education and infrastructure in pollution were the primary reasons why Colorado Springs made it in the top 50.

The Mile High City Also Mentioned

One other city in Colorado made the list but was left out of the top 100. Denver was ranked the 141st most well-ran city.

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