There are a few gambling towns in Colorado, one of which may be taking a big gamble by possibly bringing in adult entertainment clubs like you'd find in Denver.

It was a big deal when Central City and Black Hawk added gambling in 1990, in the effort of preserving Colorado's history.

Back then, you'd hear the "clanks" of big silver dollars coming out of slot machines, in small casinos. A lot has changed since those first establishments opened.

After 30 years, there's no question that Black Hawk is more popular for gambling than Central City, even with the Central City Parkway making it easier to get there. The historic down needs to do something to boost their economy; has it come to this?

Strip Clubs Proposed for Central City in Colorado

I recall a lot of "uproar" when Colorado allowed gambling to take place in Central City and Black Hawk; "It'll bring in the wrong crowds," was the overall consensus. Thirty years later, many are saying the same about a new proposal.

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When I visit Central City, I park in the lot right off the Central City Parkway at Main Street; It's a great location with easy access to the town's casinos and such. Soon, that lot will be very close to a joint that serves steaks and has strippers.

According to the Denver Gazette, if the City Council approves the Mayor-supported proposal to change the town's code regarding "sexually oriented business," a place called "Rick's Cafe" will get the official "go-ahead" to open, right across from where Doc Holiday Casino once was.

Not Just Steaks and Strippers?

Sure, Rick's Cafe would be just like Denver's Diamond Cabaret (a steakhouse that's also a strip club) as it's owned by the same company; however, the code adjustment would also allow for:

  • Adult Arcade.
  • Adult Motel.
  • Adult Theater.
  • Adult Motion Picture.
  • Nude Motel Studio.
  • Sexual Encounter Center.

That list of half-dozen other things, is where I can see residents and businesses in Central City being very concerned. It's not to say that if the code is changed that there will be a swarm of "seedy" establishments coming in, but the potential would be there.

As of July of 2024, there's no date as to when the code change would be put to a vote.

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