As a former Denver Bronco, Peyton Manning does get a lot of screen time; that is on the small screen, however.

With the next "Top Gun" movie, on the big screen, it could very well include a Broncos owner.

As if folks in Colorado don't enjoy the "Top Gun" movies enough, here comes another reason to get a seat, a soda, and some popcorn.

If anything, if this owner does get to have a role in "Top Gun 3," it will give Denver Broncos fans another reason to look toward the sidelines.

One member of the Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group, owners of the Denver Broncos is Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is a tremendously successful Formula 1 driver; some would say that he's the greatest, having the record for the most wins in Formula One, most pole positions, and most podium finishes.

Denver Broncos Owner Could be in "Top Gun 3"

It turns out, according to A-Z Sports and GQ Magazine, that Hamilton was offered a role in "Top Gun: Maverick," but had to decline, not only because he'd be driving at that time, but also because he didn't want to let anyone down with his lack of acting abilities.

Hamilton was offered the role of 'Fanboy,' and now regrets not going for it.

Will Hamilton Star in "Top Gun 3"

It would stand to reason, that if Hamilton were offered once, he'd be offered again. Though the role would probably be different.

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