The list of the "nicest restaurants in Colorado" will be dropping by one by the time the summer of 2024 comes to and end.

Owning and running a successful business takes a lot of passion, hard work, and determination. Sometimes, even that isn't enough to keep things going in the right direction.

Of course, when we hear about one of these restaurant closures, we always seem to think, "Dang, I was wanting to go there." often, that sentiment comes too late. This could be a "kick in the pants," to a lot of Coloradans, to get out and see new things, and eat at more places.

Popular Restaurant in Niwot Shutting Down

Niwot, about halfway in-between Longmont and Boulder along the Highway 119 Diagonal, is a great little town.  The town has a great "community" feel, with great parks, breweries, and restaurants. One restaurant, one of the nicest restaurants in the area, is calling it "quits."

According to the Denver Post, the owner of 1914 House, which opened in 2016, is preparing for his final days of operations. It's truly sad, because the closure is not due to a lack of business; more to the contrary, it's about the cost of doing business that's become too much.

The Cost of Doing Business Leads to Not Doing Business

According to the Denver Post, the costs involved with running a restaurant keep increasing, such as minimum wage, rent, insurance, utilities. When costs start to cut a restaurant's profit margin too thin, it becomes a constant uphill battle.

The space that 1914 House occupies is great; the owner did a lot of work getting it in shape to be a fine-dining destination for the Niwot area. Hopefully, a new restaurant will come in and keep the old building hopping.

1914 House in Niwot
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