If you've lived in Colorado through at least one fall season, you know how seriously we take our Denver Broncos. Broncos fans are incredibly vocal when it comes to things surrounding their team, and their boos were heard loudly again this week after the team unveiled this year's schedule reveal video.

2024 Denver Broncos Schedule Reveal Video

Yes, the Denver Broncos haven't played a game since January, but as a hardcore Broncos fan, you pick other Broncos-related events to keep you going between January and August when football is back.

From free agency to the NFL draft, mini-camps, etc., there are many ways to keep the Broncos football flame alive as we wait for the next season. One of the biggest days of the year, besides the one where we drafted our future star QB, is schedule release day.

Denver Broncos Reveal Their Upcoming NFL Season Schedule

The past few years, the schedule reveal videos that the Broncos have put out have been on the money. Remember this "The Office" parody with Peyton Manning playing an intern?

This video reveal set the bar pretty high, because not only was if done by our Hall of Fame former QB, it was so well written and produced. It still gets ya laughing! This year though, people didn't seem to enjoy it as much...

Comments on the Broncos' official Facebook page following this year's schedule release with F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton, who is a minority owner of the Broncos weren't too positive. Here are a few quotes from underwhelmed fans regarding this year's reveal.

  • "What a stupid way to release the schedule. We are slowly becoming the laughingstock of the NFL."
  • "Horrible release. I hope the season goes better than this. WTH did this have to do with football"
  • "This is more cringe than Wilson"
  • "Oh my the jerseys, and now this? Seriously, who is calling the shots here?"
  • "Denver Broncos this was such an anemic effort on the schedule release. I do understand the budget went to the uniform release videos this year. But come across with 2% more care, please."

In case you've not seen it, here's the video of the 2024 schedule release that Broncos fans seem to hate so badly...

Lewis Hamilton Reveals 2024 Denver Broncos Schedule

Look, I get it, it's no Peyton Manning comedic masterpiece, but it's not the worst thing either. Maybe it didn't get us as excited as they hoped, but at the end of the day, Broncos football is just a few short months away and we have a lot to be excited about. Go Broncos!

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