Colorado and the Cowboys are two things that go back a long way together. From the vaqueros of old Mexico to the days when Colorado was a part of the Republic of Texas, our state is no stranger to cowboy hats.

Colorado was home to America's first rodeo and is still home to great PRCA Rodeo Events like the Colorado Stampede coming Memorial Day Weekend to Grand Junction. Of course, Coloradans wear cowboy hats, but did you know there are rules?

Violations of Cowboy Hat Etiquette

The cowboys and cowgirls of Colorado don't take kindly to violations of cowboy hat etiquette, so here are a few important rules to remember:

Never touch another person's cowboy hat without permission. Just like you wouldn't drive your friend's motorcycle without asking, don't pick up other people's hats and look at them without asking.

Always take off your cowboy hat indoors. There are a couple of exceptions, such as the lobby of a building or going up an elevator.

Remember to remove your cowboy hat during special events. An event such as the singing of the National Anthem, the folding of the American Flag, the passing of a funeral, or the act of praying are all times when you should remove your cowboy hat. It's also good manners to remove your cowboy hat when meeting someone for the first time. Oh, and always tip your hat to the ladies.

How To Take Off A Cowboy Hat

When you remove your cowboy hat, hold it by the top of the hat and not the brim. Waiving your hat around by the brim is a good way to end up with a crooked cowboy hat. When you set down a cowboy hat, do it upside down so it can air out.

Never Do This With a Cowboy Hat

It's one of the worst cowboy faux pas ever. You never take your cowboy hat off and lay it on the bed. Never do this! Cowboys know that laying your hat on the bed guarantees bad luck, foretells of an argument, or results in premonitions of injury or death. Find a good horseshoe to hang over the door and hang your cowboy hat up there. Never lay it on the bed.

Now let's go rodeo!

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