High volumes of store closures here in Colorado have left many retail stores’ futures uncertain here in the Centennial State.

Some have already bitten the dust.

Of course, Bed Bath & Beyond closed all of its locations, including the one on College Ave. in Fort Collins.

Recently, the clothing retailer Express had to shut down ton of national locations, including at least three in Colorado.

Another clothing retailer, Rue21, also closed down all of its Colorado locations as well.

On the other hand, some retailers are in danger of closing down.

Macy’s is one in particular that has given people some reason to be concerned.

However, another store has consistently posted losses, and to many analysts and people within the company, it could spell disaster.

Big Lots Could Close All Colorado Locations

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Big Lots is an absolute classic retail store, having been giving massive discounts on products for almost 60 years.

However, things have been tough for the company as a whole within the past few years.

According to the Sun Herald, Big Lots has been in big financial trouble since at least 2022. Each year since, losses have been beginning to pile up.

Last year, the company reported $98.7 million in total losses in the first quarter. This year, that number ballooned even further to $132.3 million.

Bruce Thorn, Big Lots’ CEO, says the economy is to blame for all of this. Yet, another factor certainly could be the lesser demand for stores like Big Lots when people can get discounted items online on digital storefronts like Amazon.

As Big Lots continues to operate, it acknowledged in a report to the SEC that it will likely continue to operate at a loss for the foreseeable future. In doing so, it is admitting there is a chance for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the company’s future.

How Many Big Lots Locations Are There in Colorado?


At the moment, there are 14 Big Lots locations in Colorado in 11 different cities.

There used to be more stores, but the company shut down four locations in 2023 to cut costs, including one in Fort Collins.

The current locations include:

  • Aurora - 2
  • Brighton - 1
  • Colorado Springs - 3
  • Grand Junction - 1
  • Greeley - 1
  • Lakewood - 1
  • Littleton - 1
  • Longmont - 1
  • Pueblo - 1
  • Westminster - 1
  • Wheat Ridge - 1


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