It looks like the lions are having a bit of 'me' time. Or...should I say 'meat' time?

In a recent video shared by the Denver Zoo, the majestic African lions are seen exploring a box fort similar to ones I used to make when I was a kid. The only difference? These boxes used to be filled with meat. Watch the video here:

According to the post on Facebook, the Denver Zoo says that:

For the past three months, keepers have saved between 150-200 meat boxes which they then used to build various lion-sized forts and pathways that kept our big cat family entertained for days!

The lion pride, which features Neliah, Sabi, Oskar, Araali, Tatu, Tobias and Kamara, are just proving the point that the Denver Zoo is always trying to make: at heart, these incredible animals are still just mischievous cats.

According to the Denver Zoo's website,

Group social behavior allows for protection, success in raising offspring and ability to obtain food.

Social behavior, like pouncing on each other from behind giant stacks of boxes, only makes the pride stronger and more bonded.

In April of 2020, the Denver Zoo celebrated the birth of two lion cubs to mom and dad Kamara and Tobias. The rest of the pride includes an unrelated female named Sabi, Kamara's mother Neliah, and their half-brotherTatu, according to the Denver Zoo's website. 

Take some time to yourself today, whether that's stacking boxes or just sitting back and watching some TV: the lion pride will be proud that you did.

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