Downtown Loveland keeps sprouting up new restaurants and bars, which is great for the community and for the city. Speaking of cities, this new pizza joint evokes New York City.

The corner of 4th Street and Cleveland in Downtown Loveland was the home of Betta Gumbo for many years. Now, as Betta Gumbo has moved into The Foundry, a new restaurant has taken over space left behind: Slice N' Roll Pizza Pub.

The one thing that really stands out for Slice N' Roll is that they will be delivering slices via a bicycle, which is pretty neat and pretty "New York." Picture a bike delivery person in NYC, dodging traffic to get that pizza to where it needs to be. Downtown Loveland may not be nearly as busy, but it's still a cool delivery option.

We stopped in to Downtown Loveland's newest pizza place recently to check it out. It does have a New York City vibe; "graffiti" on the wall, and how you order by the slice, for sure.

They have a full bar which you don't see very often at a pizza joint, so that adds to the appeal of the place. When we were there they had Coors Light and local craft beers on tap with cans of Bud Light and others available.


The pizza was really good, with really, really big slices, like any great NYC joint would have; you may want to think twice before ordering two slices. The prices seemed right, $4 or $5 per slice, with full "pies" and $10 personal "pies" available, as well.

With daily specials and plenty of TVs, I can see stopping in at least a few times a month.

Welcome to Downtown, Gang.

Inside Loveland's Newest Downtown Pizza Joint

The corner of 4th Street and Cleveland in Downtown is now home to a new pizza place.

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